Personal Statement for Graduate School for Mol. Biotech

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)
Personal Statement for Graduate School at Aston University
Apply for MS Molecular Biotechnology Program at Aston University UK. Image: Graham Taylor via Common Wikimedia

This is how I wrote a personal statement for graduate school for the program of MS molecular Biotechnology. This is just a sample and shall be used as a reference only.


Introduction To Molecular Biotechnology

While writing a personal statement for graduate school for MS molecular biotechnology, you first need to introduce what is molecular biotechnology and then its principles and applications, as I have mentioned here. Molecular biotechnology deals with the study of biological techniques at the molecular level. The most important thing in living things is DNA, which contains all the information in the form of genetic codons. Everything that is happening happened, and will happen inside cells is determined by genes contained in DNA. Such as synthesis of the biomolecule, structure, and function of proteins, etc. Although proteins are the most functional and structural biomolecules in the cell, they are also regulated by the expression of their respective genes located in the DNA. The DNA is first expressed into mRNA and then translated into proteins to perform different biological functions by the process called as the central dogma. All the biomolecules sequentially coordinately perform their function in such a way that the cell can survive by self-replication and division.

Background Information

In the past few decades, there has no more significant developments in the field of molecular biotechnology and are still in the developing phase here in Nepal and, therefore, the number of molecular biotechnology experts is insignificant. So, I want to put myself as a molecular biotechnology expert to do something good for my country and nation. Nepal is a developing country and needs to be developed in a different field of biotechnology and other fields of biological life sciences and, therefore, I want one of them.

Expressing Personal Interest

I have a great interest in science since childhood and I always enjoyed the biology part of science. During my childhood education, my science teacher always appreciated my work and motivated me to join a science program at in intermediate/ proficiency level, where later on I got a chance to deepen my knowledge in different physical sciences. At the Undergraduate level, I decided to join the “Biochemistry” program to gain knowledge in different parts and fields of physical life sciences, including biochemistry, biotechnology, physiology, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, etc. I studied different properties of nucleic acids and different structural and functional understandings of proteins/nucleic acids. I got a chance to understand how can the information contained in the double-stranded DNA molecules be transferred into the structural and functional biomolecules through intermediate product mRNA.

Future Applications of Molecular Biotechnology

Molecular Biotechnology can make us understand different defects and diseases of living things including animals and plants at a molecular level thus, these types of defects can be treated by removing the defective gene on a molecular level. These defects and diseases can be different changes in the genes and, therefore, can be treated by replacing defective genes with a new functional one. There are great demands of biological products like production of bioproducts including different medicines, disease, and infection resistant plants, highly efficient plants, different types of cross hybrid plants, production of excess of milk from cows, production of animals for meat, enhancement of animal size and plant height/length, etc can be enhanced only with the understanding of molecular biotechnology.

Further Planning After Graduation

I, therefore, want to be exposed myself to this field of study to deepen the knowledge about molecular biotechnology, which can only be possible when I get admission to this program at your prestigious university. As a result of which, I can put myself towards molecular biotechnology research, and, therefore, I can do independent research in the field of molecular biotechnology and do jobs in the biotechnology industries.

Hence, with all these regards, I prepared myself as a versatile and capable individual based on what I learned from an academic background that will contribute to my future academic success. An opportunity to be enrolled in the well-equipped lab will allow me to stretch academically with necessary molecular biotechnology to achieve my career goal of becoming a proficient research scientist. That is why I am excited at the possibility of joining this molecular biotechnology program at this prestigious university and furthering my research objectives.

I hope this sample of  personal statement for graduate school for MS Molecular Biotechnology will help you construct your own personal statement for graduate school. Please use this sample as a reference only and do not copy paste.

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