Sample of Personal Statement on MS Biochemistry

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)
MS/PhD Biochemistry at University of the Philippines Los Banos
Apply for MS or Ph.D. program in Biochemistry at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Image: Julia Sumangil via Common Wikimedia

Biochemistry, the study of chemical phenomena occurring inside living beings, that coordinate systematically all the biological processes. During my undergraduate period of education curriculum of Biochemistry has informed me to a wide range of subjects in the life sciences including Biomolecular Chemistry, Molecular biology, and Analytical Biochemistry and enforced me know various Biochemical procedures which helped me in my research period of the 8th semester.


I get first introduced to how the pretty invaluable properties of life that arise from the systematic and coordinated interaction of thousands of different inanimate biomolecules played a significant role in stimulating my attraction with the cellular and molecular level of biology. During my different semester classes in Biochemistry, I have been exposed to various experimental procedures of different topics which stimulated my interest and inspired my career goals. Hence, I devoted myself to be a research scientist in the field of Biochemistry and plan to pursue a Ph.D. in this field.

I have a keen interest in doing research in the field of proteomics I want to study the consequences of interactions of proteins with each other (protein-protein interaction) and with other biomolecules like DNA and RNA. Moreover, as a function of the protein depends on its three-dimensional structure, structural analysis of proteins is another enticing field where I wish to ensconce my research career.

In this regard, I recognize that your University is the best fit for my M.Sc. studies gave me my research interests and academic qualifications.

I got my first research experience when I was in the final semester of my undergraduate study. As a part of a requirement for the Bachelor’s degree, I carried out a thesis research project in “Biochemical Characterization of Protease Isolated from Different Parts of Choreospondias axillaries (Lapsi)” from Bhaktapur district of Nepal, under the supervision of Assistant professor Rubin Thapa Magar. I completed the intended task within the given time limit with some exciting results which are also published in the Journal of Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry of Omics Publishing Group and Journal of Plant Sciences of Science Publishing Group.

For the last few years, I have devoted myself to achieve academic excellence. In 2009, as a member of the student’s association, I participated in an educational promotion campaign in different areas of the country organized by the college. Here in Nepal, I have also participated in conferences held by Nepal Chemical Society entitled “Refresher Course on Spectroscopic Techniques for the Graduate Studies”.

These helped me to gain more information about the structural analysis of organic compounds, with the help of different spectroscopic techniques. These can also be used to study the different Biomolecules and their conformations too and, therefore, helped me develop more interest in the Biochemistry field.

Hence, with all these regards, I prepared myself to fit in this field. I believe what I learned from these experiences with my academic background will contribute to my future academic success. An opportunity to be enrolled in MS. The biochemistry program at this prestigious university enriched with excellent faculty and the well-equipped lab will allow me to stretch academically with the necessary skills and experiences to achieve my career goal of becoming a proficient researcher. I am excited at the possibility of joining the program at this prestigious university and furthering my research objectives.

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