Sample of Personal Statement for the MS Neuroscience

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)
complete neuron cell diagram
Complete neuron cell diagram showing different intracellular parts. Image: LadyofHats via Common Wikimedia

Introduction to Neuroscience

Neuroscience, the study of the mechanism of working of neurons that make the nervous system of our body, Every signal, and action to be taken by our body is determined by the flow of chemicals through a different neuronal cell from the brain to the receptor part. Human beings are capable of thinking and emotions, why? Human beings can learn different things and retain their memory, why?


These are the things that initiate my early curiosity and interest in Neuroscience and Neurobiology. Now, these curiosities have grown into a craze which enforced me to develop myself into a neuroscientist, then only it will be possible for me to expose the hidden mysteries behind those questions.

Expressing Personal Interest

I have completed my education on Basic Biochemical science in the Biochemistry program at the Universal Science College affiliated with Pokhara University, Nepal, a famous institute as it is only one institution in Nepal that provides a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry program. I have made progressive achievements mostly on every basic subject of this program, which can be verified by the information provided on my academic records.

Through a 4-year conscientious effort made in the study, I have managed to maintain the progressive result in my class in the course of the whole undergraduate program. The undergraduate program was a ladder for me through which I have explored my interest and understanding of Neuroscience.

By studying anatomy, histology, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, cell signaling in the program, I gained a systematic as well as comprehensive knowledge about the advanced signaling mechanism involved in different activities of living beings such as the coordinated interaction among the central nervous system and other systems of the body such as the immunological system, the endocrine system, and the circulation system.

Besides these, the brain has a fantastic structure of which the cortex alone is partitioned into a different cellular layer, each of which consists of different cells. These cells have extensive fiber connections not only between the different layers but also between the individual cells in a given layer. The substances that are responsible for the transmission of information among various neurons inside the brain are complicated.

These substances can either be the classic nervous communication media (neural peptide) or is a smaller molecule of chemical substances. Additionally, the diseases caused by pathological changes have always remained the most difficult problems.

Further Planning After Graduation of M.S. Neuroscience

Driven by my interest, I have planned to be a Neuroscientist from Nepal as here in Nepal, there is a scarcity of Neuroscientist and I want to explore the scope of neuroscience in my country. Here are some diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, and other related neural diseases so here is a quite high demand for the neuroscientist. I have a plan to open a research laboratory of Neuroscience to provide a great facility for Neuroscience experiments.

So, my extreme job is to get a deeper knowledge of Neuroscience and to become an expert in this area. I have a 6-month research experience in protease characterization entitled “Biochemical Characterization of Protease Isolated from Different Parts of Choerospondias axillaries (Lapsi)” and, therefore, experienced research work, and how to perform grouped work and different biochemical tools.

Research on these areas, such as prevention of neural diseases, and the causes of nerve system degrade and the regeneration of the damaged cerebral vessel cell, etc. and, therefore, with the result of the combination of Neurobiology with cognitive and neural sciences, human-made intelligence is to be applied widely in the future.

To do research on all these challenges has been so attractive that I become devoted to gain the deepest knowledge regarding Neuroscience. To gain such a deepest knowledge properly, I feel a great desire to pursue a more advanced program like neurobiology to enhance my capabilities.

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