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"Scientist - Protein Biochemist / Crystallographer" Post for Biochemistry Graduates
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  1. Are you biochemistry scholar? Are you interested in research work, especially in the field of biochemistry? Then you may find this job much more interesting. US-California based biotechnology company "Amgen" has announced vacancy for the post of Scientist-Protein Biochemist/ Crystallygrapher. Amgen is a leading multinational biotechnology company with the mission to serve patients globally....

  2. Important Roles of Glutathione In Our Body
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    What is it and How is it Synthesized in our Body? Structure of Glutathione Source: Common Wikimmedia Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide of glutamate, cysteine and glycine. However, the peptide bond between glutamate and cysteine is not a normal...

  3. “Postdoctoral Fellowship in Protein Biochemistry /FRET Spectroscopy”
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    Have you completed PhD in Biochemistry or you are an expert in Biochemistry? Are you looking for research career in biochemistry, especially in proteins? Then you are in right place. King Abdullaha University of Science and Technology (KAUST), located on the Red Sea in the Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, is a merit-based university. KAUST has announced the opening of the application for the position of Postdoctoral...

New Position as a "Scientist III Cell Biology"
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The objective of this position is to execute service based projects with high throughput cloning and cell line generation activities that uses cutting edge cloning and genomic engineering techniques from the Thermo Fisher Scientific Portfolio. Scientists will be expected to lead projects independently and work with junior scientists in a collaborative team environment. The successful candidate...

Facts About How Many Different Kinds of Proteins Does a Single Cell Contain?
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Proteins are the polymers of amino acids. Amino acids are linked together through an amide bond between α-carboxyl carbon of first amino acid and the α-amino nitrogen of the next amino acid. This type of amide bond is called as a peptide bond.

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