Failed motivation letter for the PhD cancer research program

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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2020)
Different signaling pathways within a single cell
The complex network of different signaling pathways within a single cell. Image: Roadnottaken via Common Wikimedia

I am writing to express my interest in the Ph.D. positions in Cancer Research. I would prefer to work on the “Division of Signal Transduction and Growth Control” under the supervision of Prof. XXX XXX. I want to explore my biochemical and molecular biological knowledge to explore furthermore towards signal transduction and cell growth to further understand cancer progression and better treatment.


Cancer is better known as uncontrolled cell growth. These growing cells invade territories normally reserved for other cells. Cancers can be classified based on the type of tissues and cells from which they arise. Cancer is triggered by genetic changes that promote uncontrolled cell proliferation. These genetic changes can be inheritable or epigenetic brought by the exposure to the mutagenic agents.

In most of the cases of cancerous growth, it has been shown that there is an overexpression of growth factor receptors. These growth factor receptors are typically grouped as cell-surface receptor tyrosine kinases and binding of the various growth factors to their respective receptor tyrosine kinases initiates the signaling cascade to promote cell proliferation and differentiation. Signal transduction and cell growth and differentiation are interrelated and are under tight regulation in a normal cell. With all these, I want to explore cancer research and study the signaling mechanism related to cell growth and its control mechanisms.

Hence, with all these regards, I believe what I learned from these experiences with my academic background will contribute to my future academic success. An opportunity to be enrolled in Ph.D. positions cancer research, with the project of “Division of Signal Transduction and Growth Control” under the supervision of Prof. XXX XXX at your prestigious university enriched with excellent faculty and well-equipped lab that will allow me to stretch my research skills and experiences to achieve my career goal of becoming a proficient researcher.

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