Research Associate 1 for Biochemistry

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)
Research Associate-1 at University of Massachusetts Medical School

University of Massachusetts Medical School. Image: og-emmet via Common Wikimedia

Are you looking for biochemistry jobs? A research associate-1 is available to apply for. This position is announced by the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts. Required qualifications for this position include; bachelor’s degree in biological sciences or related field with at least 3 years of relevant research experience. Candidates must have to have knowledge about Microsoft office product and ability to analyze complex data in a very quantitative and objective manner.


Selected candidates will have to work under the supervision of the principal investigator or project leader and have to perform varieties of complex research experiments. Such as complicated lab experiments, conduct in-depth experimental data analysis, data interpretation and decision to make a plan for next experiments, ability to do experiment independently.

Writing standard operating procedures, schedule of work and maintaining the accurate data record and writing research reports are some other main responsibilities of the selected candidates. They will also have to engage in data analysis and computation, works using spreadsheets, graphical and other computer software. In addition to these responsibilities, assisting in the preparation of budget/ contract proposal, scientific paper writing for possible publications and grants, training new laboratory personnel and students are also the main responsibilities.

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