Postdoc in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)
Symptoms of Sepsis

Symptoms of Sepsis. Credit: Emergency doc via Common Wikimedia

New position for the postdoc in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry is available for the individuals with Ph.D. in biochemistry and related field. The Medical Faculty Mannheim of the Heidelberg University has announced an application for the position of postdoc in Molecular cell biology and Biochemistry.


The University Medical Center Mannheim is an affiliate of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the Heidelberg University with more than 4500 employees to provide health care about 70,000 inpatients annually. The medical Faculty Mannheim being part of the 625-year-old renowned Heidelberg University provides an excellent medical teaching and scientific activities.

The postdoc in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry position is announced from the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care Medicine under the coordination and clinical director Prof. Dr. Theil. The selected candidates will have to do the research involving Scientific Computing for Improved Detection and Therapy of Sepsis (SCIDATOS) between the University Medical Center Mannheim and the interdisciplinary center for the scientific computing Heidelberg.

SCIDATOS based on the application of scientific computing concepts for the early and reliable detection of sepsis in patients with the critical situation and to develop tools for clinical diagnosis. Epidemiological, biostatistical and text mining methods can be applied to perform clinical documentation and complementary data collection that can be further useful for the targeted cellular and molecular analysis. However, the more emphasis will be given to the pro and anti-inflammatory processes.

Selected candidates for the postdoc in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry will have to work closely with epidemiological, clinical and computational teams to develop mathematical models of the body responding to the infection.  They will also have to involve in the gene expression and functional analysis of the innate and adaptive immune cells for the sepsis and have to identify the biomarker for it. In addition to those responsibilities, they will also have to prepare for the dissemination of results and prepare for the grant applications.

Academic and Experience Requirements

The ideal candidates for this position should hold at least Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, molecular biology or related fields with a strong background of the biomedical sciences. Candidates with additional knowledge in physiology and immunology will be given more preferences. Candidates have to have experience of cell culture and modern RNA and protein analytical methods and able to present research data and publication writings. They should have strong English and some basic German speaking and writing skills and have the ability to work in a team.

Selected candidates will be provided with an interdisciplinary research environment and a broad-minded team from the SCIDATOS research alliance. They will be provided with a varied rank of tasks and challenges that will support their development of research career. The payment will be based in accordance with the terms of the collective agreements of the government services of the German federal states.

To apply for this position please follow up an online application procedure of the University Medical Center Mannheim, Heidelberg University. Please visit this link. Alternatively, you can also apply through an email. Interested candidates can also apply by sending an email to prof. Dr. Holger Lindner with the email address holger.lindner(at) while writing application, please mention the index number 813/154 and be sure to apply before 10 January 2016.

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