Light-activated membrane organization & receptor clustering

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)
An organization of membrane receptors

An organization of membrane receptors Image: Isaac Webb via Common Wikimedia

Looking for Ph.D. in Biochemistry in an excited research topic? Then you are here at the right place. Institute of biochemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany has invited individuals for 3-year Ph.D. Biochemistry program in Light-activated membrane organization and receptor clustering.


This project is aimed to study the light-activated control of the membrane organization of the receptor clustering present in the mammalian cells using different novel tools such as optochemical and optogenetic tools. Cell surface receptors are the glycoproteins located at the cell membrane that play important roles in different cellular processes and are found to be defective and dysfunctional in many different diseases.

Though, scientists are involved in the study of many types of the cell surface receptors involved in the cell signaling, their dynamic properties are still poorly understood. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire new techniques to study the dynamics of the cell surface receptor trafficking and clustering.

Selected candidates will be working in a lively and well-equipped research environment in the life science campus Riedberg, Goethe University where they have to trigger the clustering by light and downstream analysis using tools such as fluorescence and single molecule imaging. However, selected candidates are also expected to have a strong interest in live cell imaging and light-triggered processes burning to develop new strategies for the light-activated manipulation in the living cells.

Required qualifications

Job experience is not required for this position and it can be part-time or full-time. Ideal candidates for this position are those having a Master’s degree of diploma in biochemistry, chemistry or related field of life sciences. However, women candidates are highly encouraged to apply and handicapped candidates with equivalent qualifications are given more preferences.

Application procedure

If you think you are the suitable candidate for this position, please apply. To apply for this position send your CV and relevant information to the professor Dr. Robert Tampe, Institute of Biochemistry, Max-von-Laue Street 9, 60438 Frankfurt. Email id: application(at)

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