Assistant Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)

Are you looking for an Assistant professor job biochemistry? Here your dream comes true. The University of Northwestern-ST. Paul, USA has announced position for the post of assistant professor for the department of biology and biochemistry. The University of Northwestern-ST. Paul is a Christian liberal art university established in 1902 and is located on the shores of Lake Johanna in the suburban of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


Selected candidates are responsible for providing excellent teaching potential and fulfill the missions and strategic requirements of the department of biology and biochemistry. They will have to teach the students of human anatomy, human physiology at the undergraduate level in addition to that, they will have to teach introduction to biology, microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology and biotechnology.

Selected candidates have to deliver the assigned coursework in the biology lectures and labs. They have to develop and monitor undergraduate research projects and serve as an academic advisor for up to 25 biology students. They must be flexible and abide with the rules and regulations of the university and perform some other duties such as supervision of students.

Ideal candidates for this position must have a Ph.D. degree in biology or related field or post-doctoral experience or previously teaching experience in an area of human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology or any other biology related courses. They must have to show the research ability in an area on which they are expert and ability to teach courses during the class schedule.

Other skills and abilities for assistant professor

They must show commitment for the excellence in teaching and have an ability to integrate the Christian worldview to the classroom and ability to interact with varieties of individuals of the class, professionals and courteous in a tactful manner.

They have to be flexible with schedule and possess an ability to conduct research project suitable for the undergraduate research with basic understandings of computer skill. They must also be excellent in written and oral communication and organizational skills.

How to apply for this post of assistant professor

Interested candidates can apply for this post either through an online portal or through an email. To apply through an email, please send your documents with cover letter at or you can apply through online portal at

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