PhD in Biochemistry in Site-Specific Modification of Proteins

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)
FlAsh based protein modification

FlAsh based protein modification. Image: Mfomich via Common Wikimedia

There is a new opportunity for biochemistry graduates having an interest in the site-specific modification of proteins. Graduates with biochemistry and life sciences can now apply for the Ph.D. program in biochemistry. Selected candidates will have to perform a research work in the area of site-specific modification of proteins that can be coupled with functionalized supports for various purposes.


The position has been announced by the Biomolecule Design Group of the Institute of Materials Research, Hasselt University, Belgium where different other strategies of protein modifications are being explored. The core concept of the research is focused on the advanced medical diagnostics with an aim to improve sensor concept. The sensor concept can be used to enable detection of a few target molecules such as biomarkers, pathogen, and drugs in a reproducible and quantitative way.

However, candidates are also expected to participate in educational tasks such as an assistance of bachelor and master internships in the chemistry department. Other skills that candidates are required to have are; good communicative and reporting skills and can also work in a team. They are also needed to be motivated and have to have a broad interest in the research. They are also required to have a good command of English and Flemish language. However, selected candidates will also have to participate in a team-oriented international research program.

Other details

This is a temporary type of job with full-time working status, 38 hours per week. This is an early career stage researcher with 0-4 years that will add post graduate research experience to the candidates. This vacancy was posted on the website of the Hasselt University and the last date of application is October 29, 2015. To apply for this post visit the vacancy page of the Hasselt University.

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