Postdoctoral Position in Structural Biology Protein Biochemistry

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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)
protein biochemistry of nitrogenase

postdoctoral position of structural biology and protein biochemistry involved in the nitrogenase that catalyzes the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia

Are you looking for a postdoctoral position in structural biology/protein biochemistry? Then here is a good news for you. Professor Markus Ribbe of the University of California has announced a vacant position for the postdoctoral research in his research laboratory in Irvine city, California.


Selected candidates are supposed to work on the catalysis and assembly of the nitrogenase enzyme that is involved in the nitrogen fixation of atmospheric N2 into ammonia. However, the ideal candidate for this post will be the one with Ph.D. degree and experience with structural biology and protein biochemistry with exposure to the X-ray crystallography. Though prior experience in metalloproteins biochemistry and inorganic biochemistry is not required but preference may be given to those candidates with these experiences.

Nitrogenase is an enzyme with two subunits alpha and beta subunit (therefore, called as dinitrogenase) that forms a complex with dinitrogenase reductase (homodimer enzyme nitrogenase reductase) and catalyzes the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia that can be assimilated by the plants.

The actual conversion of nitrogen into ammonia is catalyzed by the alpha subunit of the nitrogenase enzyme while required energy will  be provided by the dinitrogenase reductase-catalyzed hydrolysis of the ATP to ADP and Pi. And ferredoxin or flavodoxin provides electrons for the reduction of nitrogen into ammonia.

Interested candidates are required to submit their curriculum vitae, letter of research experience and names of at least three references. These documents can be uploaded online via web-portal where you can also get application instruction under the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Candidate qualified for the Postdoctoral Position in Structural Biology/Protein Biochemistry will receive consideration for the employment regardless of their color, race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, disability, age and national origin or other protected categories as covered by the University of California nondiscrimination policy.

Application web-portal

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